An Unbiased Source – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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The United Nations can hardly be accused of partisanship or of “bleeding heart” “commy” politics, just two of the inflammatory, emotive terms I’ve seen levelled at the left in Australia in recent days.

It’s time to consider this issue from an outside perspective that doesn’t involve taking sides, or scoring points politically either left or right.

The following are direct quotes from THE UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES – Detention Guidelines – 2012

“AS SEEKING ASYLUM IS NOT AN UNLAWFUL ACT, any restrictions on liberty imposed on persons exercising this right need to be provided for in law, carefully circumscribed and subject to prompt review…”

“…Regardless of any such effect, DETENTION POLICIES AIMED AT DETERRENCE ARE GENERALLY UNLAWFUL UNDER INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW as they are not based on an individual assessment as to the necessity to detain. Apart from ensuring compliance with human rights standards, governments are encouraged to review their detention policies and practices in light of the latest research in relation to alternatives to detention (some of which is documented in these Guidelines). UNHCR stands ready to assist governments in devising alternative to detention programmes.”

Our government is acting cruelly, and illegally in aid of political point scoring. If the public were educated in the finer points of the economics of treating asylum seekers with dignity, and decency vs cruelty and abuse I wonder if they would reconsider their support of the latter? If welcoming refugees got the Liberals, or the ALP more votes they would make sure the Murdoch media gave these progressive ideas a vast amount of press time with positive spin, but the fact remains that demonisation, and oppositional policies differentiates them from the Greens, who they BOTH now view as a legitimate threat to their political domination.

And so, instead of creating a media sh*t storm opposing cruel practices condemned by the UN, they create one demonising theThe Australian Greens, and levelling hypocritical claims of fiscal ineptitude, and mental deficiency. All for the sake of cheap political ground at the expense of fostering the society of the ‘fair go’ we are rapidly losing in favour of a society where bigotry, and xenophobia are nurtured by our mainstream press.

We want our country back.